Disposing of Your Moving Boxes

You’ve moved into your new home and unpacked. Now you have dozens of used moving boxes to dispose of. What do you do with them?

A number of options are available aside from merely throwing your used boxes away.

adfadf1. Recycle the boxes

This measure saves you the effort of throwing the boxes away and is eco-friendly. The boxes can be flattened, stacked into piles of similar sizes, and bound together until picked up by your community recycler. If the new area you moved into does not have a recyclable pickup service, though, you can drop them off at a local recycling facility.

2. Sell the boxes

Just as you needed boxes to move, so will others. You can sell them at a reduced price (if you bought them new) to other people who need to move as well. One possibility is to hold a garage sale. Another would be to post an ad in your local newspaper or an internet directory like Craigslist for people, who are searching for used or cheap moving supplies. With this step, you will get rid of the boxes and earn some cash back from your move. The new buyers will also obtain the boxes they need at a savings in time and money.

th3. Use them for storage

Since the boxes are sturdy enough for shipping items, they can serve to store your possessions as well. If you have items you don’t need to use, you can pack them in as many boxes as needed and store them in your basement, attic or garage.

Most cities and towns allow people to recycle large amounts of cardboard. Some, like our current community, won’t pick up from the curb, so we have to drive it to the recycling center ourselves. When you call or search online, make sure you ask about stipulations such as amount, size and if the boxes need to be flattened.

dafdafdhere are different procedures for various types of recyclable items. For example, some hazardous materials need to be delivered to appropriate disposal facilities, while some other items can be picked up at your home by a recycling truck. However, the best way is not to bring with you any avoidable hazardous material with your belongings. Apart from posing risk to your other goods, they also affect the environment negatively. Know about these Non-Secure Items (Items not to be Packed). Avoid them during your move and you won’t have to worry about how to recycle such moving materials?

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